Online Hosted Email – Your Business Email Solution!

Many folks in the workforce now don’t even know of a time that email wasn’t used extensively. Whether is hosted email, done via in house server, or mobile email, it has become a constant companion. Toss in the ability to archive email, and you can even keep track of conversations that go back for years.

But for all it’s functionality and convenience, email, like anything technical, is only as good as the applications used to run it. It is in this area that Microsoft has been providing top flight software and even hosting for businesses of all sizes for decades now. With that kind of experience and expertise, one can’t go wrong utilizing them.

Microsoft email application vary, as they offer means of hosting your own server using Microsoft software, or have a web based exchange to take advantage of hosted email. Even if a business has it’s own email server, Microsoft can still provide seamless integration among exchanged email and mobile email, which has exploded recently. If any number of a businesses employees will work in the field and away from the office, no matter what other application is used, Microsoft Mobile is worth its weight in gold. While there is no shortage of mobile phones that can send and receive email, Microsoft Mobile takes it to the next level.

With this application, a universal Inbox is always at the fingertips of the user. Email, voice mails, archiving of instant messenger conversations, RSS feeds, and calendar requests stand at the ready. Instant messages are even grouped as one conversation, allowing for easy retrieval of previously discussed items. Add in the compatibility to function with hundreds of different mobile devices and the company and it’s employees can stay in constant communication no matter where they may be.

When it comes to hosted email, Microsoft Exchange Online is tops in its category, providing both security and flexibility for any business email need, all in a web based environment. But even though it’s online based, any business can have confidence that all of their email, appointments, instant messages, and contacts are protected by industry leading anti spam and anti virus protection. This protection extends to partnering up Exchange with SharePoint Online and you take advantage of cloud application as well.

Now, there is no shortage of free email web sites and hosting out there. And there is no arguing that they do offer tremendous convenience and accessibility, as they can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. For personal use, they more than meet need. However, the free email providers can’t and don’t guarantee security of the messages that are sent or received, nor the reliability of the service provided. Toss in there is no tech support for customers, nor any means of recovering lost emails due to crash or disaster, that makes it a bad choice for business email needs.

In closing, consider hosted email for your business, as the advantages far outweigh any costs involved. And with the capability of providing needed mobile email as well as email archiving for ease of use, everyone in the office will stay in contact.