Aweber And Call Loop Join Forces

Quite a few of the online automation experts saw this merger coming as long as six months ago. However in July of 2012, the merger between call loop and aweber is predicted to be a long relationship, and will provide a lot of value to the Internet community. There are two people currently involved in running call loop. One of them is Chris Brisson who happens to be the CEO as well as the co-founder. He made a big name for himself back in 2002, and built a business that he sold down the road three years later to a private investor. Chris has an affinity for implementing cutting-edge marketing principles, and also knows how to break this down so others can understand.

Chris Chubb is the other person involved in call loop as the lead developer. One of the biggest things Chris tries to implement in his daily development routine is simplicity. When I say simplicity, I mean an easy-to-use interface that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to navigate. With a bachelors from Penn State in computer engineering and a specialization in VLS Chip Design, Chris has the skills and the vision to navigate where call loop is going in the future.

Okay, now that we know who runs call loop, let’s talk more about what call loop is, how their venture with a aweber got started and finally the value that this business relationship brings to aweber. Call loop is a service that allows you to create either an SMS or a voice message campaign. While the service integrates with aweber, it also integrates with other top-notch autoresponder services like Get Response, iContact, Mail Chimp, Infusion Soft as well as Constant Contact.

I know you’ve been waiting to hear what this service does, so here we go. Instead of just relying on e-mail follow-ups, which have been the de facto standard since 1996, call loop offers the ability for users to send SMS text messages as well as voice messages to prospects. As you can imagine, this can turn a dull e-mail campaign into a super charged multi-media blitz, for just about any product or service out there. In fact, the integration of these two services into an aweber web-form pretty much changes the game of Internet marketing as we know it today.

In order to use this service, you need to have an a aweber autoresponder account as well as a call loop account. There’s really no way around this, because from a technical standpoint both services have been tweaked to work well with each other. I’ve been using aweber autoresponder’s for the last five years, and all I can say is that I wish I used them since I started Internet marketing way back in 1998. One of the big benefits you’ll always hear being posted about SMS text messaging, is the hyper response rate. In fact they advertise on the call loop site, that it’s not uncommon to get a 97% open rate with this type of campaign. The reason is everybody checks their text messages, I know I do!

They also offer voice broadcasting, which will allow you to record your own custom voice message. If you want to create your own MP3 file, you can do that, or, you can create the recording yourself over the phone. I know at this point you might be asking yourself, what about people that are on the do not call list? Well this system scrubs against this list, so you have to worry about that yourself. It’s just another added feature of convenience they decided to include.

In fact right now, you can even schedule what day or time prospects will end up receiving either your SMS text messages or your voice broadcasts. Right now you can even schedule this down to the day. Imagine sending a personalized text message, notifying a prospect of a webinar that you are going to run in the next 30 min. The more often you keep in touch with your hottest prospects, the more chances are that they will do business with you. All the aweber web-form does, is provide seamless integration into call loop. More than likely, after you sign up with them, you will enter your username and password details somewhere in the aweber back office so the integration will work like it’s supposed to.

The reporting analytics that call loop includes will tell you everything you need to know regarding your campaign metrics. From charts, reports and graphs, everything you need to effectively track your marketing campaigns is included. All you have to do, is log-in their back-office to get a birds eye view of everything that is going on. Tom Kulzer, who is the owner of aweber, is a very standup guy, and this company wouldn’t align themselves with a low caliber company. So in my opinion, this is good news in the e-mail marketing industry, and news you can take to heart.