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When you are doing your list building in order to get your email marketing business up to par, you need to think about what exactly your goals are and how you can realistically go about reaching them. Sure, this might sound like an obvious point, but when you actually do think about your goals, you realize that the old ideas really are becoming irrelevant. For example, in the conventional business strategy, it used to make sense that you would go for that quick sale on the spot. Nowadays, however, you really need to think about building lists and relationships. You need to re-imagine your list as a cash-flow generator.

The first thing you have to think about is what it means to have a list that is a cash-flow generator. In other words, how can your list actually generate cash for you? The answer is that it will help you to gain profits by allowing you to develop meaningful business relationships. Instead of selling products on the spot from a literal sales page, you instead are going to want to create a squeeze page where you introduce your prospects to your ideas and to your products, but you don’t give too much away. The idea here is that you want to make relationships that will become profitable in the long run. In a world where more and more people are struggling for money, you need to develop trust for profitability.

Turn Your List Into a Cash-Flow Generator:

When you want to turn your list into a cash-flow generator, you need to think about a few basic points:

If you can think about your list as a cash-flow generator over the long term, you will see that the core of online marketing is not on the spot sales, but long term relationships. This is difficult to understand for people who want the quick profit, but it is important to remember nonetheless. Once you develop networks of contacts, you will find in no time that you really do have sources of profits and that you are able to develop long term sustainable techniques.

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