Consumer credit: which personal loan you must think in this New Year 2019?

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The borrower, whoever applies for the loan is free to use the amount of their credit as they seem fit. As with any consumer credit, the lender must first inform the borrower before establishing a credit agreement. You can apply to the lender of your choice. The loan that you need, at first you get all the data and read all the details regarding the loan amount and process. How much you can get, how long you will pay back, how much you pay back etc. get all the idea of loans here in this link The personal loan is granted by a bank or credit institution.

Where to get the amount?

Your bank can issue this kind of credit, but you can also contact a credit institution. Brokers can help you compare the best deals for a commission on the money borrowed.The lender may refuse to grant you credit if he considers that there is a risk on your ability to repay. The lender may require you to take out insurance before you grant the credit, even if the law does not require it. In the event of a payment incident, this insurance will reimburse you for you. The lender must inform you of the possible cost of the insurance, using a quantified example expressed in euros and per month.

To finance a project: the personal loan

A personal loan is usually reserved for projects of a certain importance such as car, work, equipment of the house, travel, studies of children. It is not assigned to the acquisition of a defined object. No proof of use will be required. The personal credit rate is fixed and the monthly repayments of installments are constant. The unblocking of the credit amount is done in one go, to the credit of the account you have designated. The first refund occurs approximately 1 month after this release. The first monthly payment may be different from the following if this 1st period is less than or greater than 1 month.

What are the formalities to obtain a personal loan?

Before you make a personal loan offer, the bank asks you for the following information such as proof of income, information about your personal situation, the situation of your co-borrower, proof of your financial expenses and other credits in progress etc.


Unlike assigned credit and personal loans, which are called depreciable, the revolving credit is reconstituted without the client’s consent and is virtually endless. It can therefore be very tricky for many individuals, who sometimes discover after several months that they must repay large sums of money.

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