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If you are in the internet marketing business, I am sure that you know why lots of people put opt-in forms on their websites. The reason you want to get people to be on your list is that you will have more opportunities to sell to them, thus making more money.

If your buyers are happy with the products that they bought from you, they will trust your advice. They are more likely to buy from you again in the future.

If people are not visiting your website on a regular basis, how would they know about any new products that you might be offering? Besides, there are so many websites that are competing with you for those same buyers.

I am sure you are familiar with the scenario where you might love shopping at a particular store, but you will not be visiting that store everyday, would you? Instead you might be on the look out for the store?s brochure in the mail to see if there is anything new or on sale in the store.

This is the same thing with an opt-in list. Once you have created a relationship with your lists, they will be eagerly waiting for your emails. You then have the opportunity to tell them about any new products that you will have in the future.

How do you go about enticing people to give you their names and email addresses? You would need to bribe them! You need to give them a darn good reason before they will opt-in to your list.

You can put together a report in text, video, or audio format. Give them information that will help solve their problems. The information should be specific to the market you are in. If your report is what people in your market are looking for, they will eagerly opt-in to your list.

Once you have people on your list you can start building a relationship with them. Eventually, you can start recommending products to them. If your subscribers feel that you have provided them with valuable information, they will value your suggestions. Eventually they will start buying products that you recommend.

The back bone of the opt-in list is the auto-responder. Auto-responders allow you to send series of emails on different days. For example you can set up your auto-responder to send 5 emails, each sent to your list at a two day interval. If one person subscribe on Monday, he will get his second email on Wednesday and subsequent emails at a two day interval. If another person subscribe on Tuesday, he will get his second email on Thursday and subsequent emails at a two day interval.

You just need to set up the auto-responder once and it will send out emails as scheduled by you. Without an auto-responder, you would manually have to send the report each day whenever someone new signs up. If you have to manually send each email, you would not have time to do anything else.

So how do you set up an auto-responder? Well there is a list building video guide called ?Big List Bucks? that show you exactly what you will have to do to set one up. The videos will show you how build you opt-in list and how to write email that will be open by your subscribers so that they can check out the products that you are promoting.

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